Christian Fundraising

20 20 Vision Is your church building in a poor state of repair? Could you use funds to make it safe, comfortable or accessible for your congregation and members of the public?

Perhaps you would like to fund a youth worker or develop innovative projects to reach out to your community?

Do you lack the time, the skills and the people to access funding to help you make these dreams a reality?

2020 Vision has been created specifically for Churches and Christian organisations looking to source funding to help them serve God within their community.

We have a desire to help churches to grow God's kingdom here on earth.

Whether the need is to refurbish a church building or appoint staff members to work with people within the church this service offers:

  • Advice and support in developing ideas including business plans
  • Researching and compiling shortlist of potential Grant Making Trusts & Foundations to support the charity's work
  • Agreeing which Grant Making Trusts & Foundations to approach for funding
  • Preparing funding applications as agreed including funding proposal letters and application forms to Grant Making Trusts & Foundations
  • Following up any funding applications during the assessment process


  • 15 years experience in the fundraising sector within Cornwall
  • Vast experience in sourcing funding from Grant Making Trusts and Foundations
  • Experience in project development and strategy development
  • Experience in different aspects of the fundraising sector
  • A large network of contacts within different sectors
  • A network of contacts within the fundraising sector
  • A creative and imaginative approach to helping organisations reach their full potential

front cover of Have Faith in Your FundraisingHave Faith in Your Fundraising

Along with these services we have produced a book "Have Faith in Your Fundraising" which is designed specifically to encourage Churches and Christian organisations in their fundraising so that they can realise God's vision. The aim of the book is to equip you to have faith in God and confidence in your fundraising, thus enabling you to reach out and meet the needs of people in your communities. The book will guide you through taking your initial vision for the church, whether it is the refurbishment or restoration of the building or developing new ways of working, through the planning stages and offering you new ways of approaching your fundraising. The book uses practical examples of how fundraising has worked for churches and Christian charities to encourage you when starting out on your fundraising journey.

If you would like to purchase the book (Price £4.95) please call Tregease Consultancy on 07971 912447 or e-mail